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Graphicburger Graphicburger Graphicburger Id Psd Psd Id Mockup Mockup Card Mockup Card Psd Card Id Review By: AverageSkater - State: New Jersey

Vendor: IDViking


Today I'll be reviewing ID Vikings sexy NJ, this ID is a culmination of months of work by Viking, I kept sending him improvements based on my physical and after a multitude of improvements, there are no more to be made. I believe this is easily one of the best NJ's on the market right now and I've been using it in-state no problem (regular bars, liquor stores, convenient stores, etc.)

Communication: 10/10

I've said this from day 1, but Viking definitely has the best communication out of any vendor I've dealt with, I could send an email and get a response within a few hours at most. No complaints here.

Cost: 9/10

I paid $49 for this ID originally and for a top-tier NJ ID, I'm pretty happy with the price. It's usually listed for around $79 on his website but he'll often do promotions to bring the price down which last quite awhile.

Shipping: 10/10

I've ordered a lot of ID's from Viking and I'm across the country but his ship time has always remained consistent which is about 2 weeks or less. In this business you can't ask for anything better then this, it's not amazon prime:)

signature: 10/10

Signature looks perfect, exactly how I sent it in. However, just a recommendation for those looking to purchase a NJ ID, when you do your signature, do it digitally and use a pencil font. The reason for this is because at the MVC in NJ, when you write your signature it looks extremely thin due to the pen they have you use.

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template: 9/10

After all of the updates that Viking has made I'm confident to stay that the template is extremely strong, the color matching is near perfect, the DL # is exactly how it should look as well. Another thing that should be noted is that the colors and boldness of the text on the ID are perfect, I can't tell a difference from my physical. The capitol building in the background looks very good and so does the New Jersey banner on top. Another thing that should be noted is that the overlay on front is

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Mockup Graphicburger Id Mockup Graphicburger Card Card Psd Id Psd Id Mockup Psd Card Graphicburger photoshop: 10/10

N.J Pictures have a grainy DMV effect to them, Viking implements this effect and the ear shadows also look fantastic, very natural.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Psd Graphicburger Psd Card Mockup Card Id Mockup Graphicburger Psd Mockup Id Id Card Graphicburger N.J holograms are extremely vibrant and these are as well.

uv: 10/10

Used my managers UV light at work the other day and it looks perfect, not gonna spend too much time on this.

scanning: 10/10

Scans on BCS, Scannr, and plenty of other bullshit apps that some bars will use, I've also tried it on the NJ lottery scanner, some fancy looking tablet scanners, and plenty of others, and I've never had any problems. Even when my friends with FYD and IDg0d ID's have had troubles scanning at this specific smokeshop but never my NJ.

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conclusion: 9/10

Graphicburger Mockup Card Psd Mockup Card Psd Graphicburger Psd Mockup Id Graphicburger Card Id Id Graphicburger Card Psd Id Graphicburger Card Graphicburger Psd Mockup Card Psd Mockup Id Mockup Id This is by far my favorite ID in my arsenal (and I've got Metro's NNY, OIS NPA, PF PA, etc.), and I've been using it in-state as well and have yet to get this beauty pulled. Viking put plenty of work into this ID, and it definitely shows. His customer service is pretty crazy too, I sent him one critique about his N.J a few months back and he wouldn't stop until he had perfected the N.J to the point it's at today. Definitely one of the realist

Id Mockup Mockup Card Psd Psd Graphicburger Graphicburger Graphicburger Id Id Card Psd Card Mockup
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