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One common offense that many high schoolers and college-age students are charged with is possession of a fake ID card in South Carolina. Those who are underage and want to get their hands on alcohol or want to be able to get into clubs or bars might think that a fake ID is the best solution to their problem. But having a fake ID made can expose you to serious trouble if you are caught. Possessing a fake ID in South Carolina is illegal, and it is a misdemeanor offense. Understand the consequences of fake ID charges and how a criminal defense lawyer can help.

Know the Consequences

When you are young, you might not focus too much on the consequences of your actions. You might think having a fake ID is not that serious. But being caught and charged with a misdemeanor offense is a serious matter that can have a long-term impact on your life. A conviction for possession of a fake ID can severely impact your immediate position in life, such as causing you problems at school, causing you to get suspended, or causing you to develop a bad reputation. A fake ID conviction can also negatively impact your future pursuits, such as difficulty when applying for a job or graduate school.

Fake ID Charges Vary

There are many ways that you could come into possession of a fake ID, and charges vary accordingly. One way is to fraudulently obtain the ID by lying, for example, during your ID application process in some way so that the ID was printed to show that your age is older than you actually are. If this is how you obtained your fake ID, then you could be charged with obtaining a license through a fraudulent application under Uber Ride The A To Guide Colorful Beacon Right Light You 's Is gfAwxFqgS.

Another way to be charged with possession of a fake ID is to alter a driver’s license or to use someone else’s driver’s license or ID card as if it were your own, under South Carolina Code section 56-1-515. This might mean that you got caught borrowing the driver’s license of a friend who is of age and looks like you, or that you in some way altered your own driver’s license to represent that you are older than you actually are.

Regardless of how the fake ID came into your possession, if you use it to misrepresent your age or in order to gain access to alcohol, you can be charged and convicted. You can face up to thirty days in jail and the payment of a fine for even a first time offense. Jail time and fines are increased if you are caught as a repeat offender.

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If you or your child are facing fake ID charges, it is important to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Contact the criminal defense lawyers at McCoy & Stokes, LLC today for a consultation on your case.

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